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AI applied in linguistic technology: Neural translation

Remote Interpreting Services

NEUROTRAD EUROPE is OPTILINGUA's subsidiary specialising in new technologies in the linguistic field, including telephone and video remote interpreting.


The group's professionalism and strength has developed over many years​:

  • Quality: Many years of professional experience, together with superior industry knowledge.
  • Variety: A network of around 3500 language professionals, from different fields of expertise.
  • Speed: Enquiries and orders are dealt with easily and conveniently by your preferred choice of communication. Our priority service shortens service times even further.
  • Flexibility: Strict observance of delivery deadlines and globally efficient deployment of personnel allows for the best possible customer service experience.


Interprétation en ligne


Do you want to optimise your international communication?

NEUROTRAD offers you a full range of tailor-made language services in the fields of telephone interpreting and video remote interpreting, voice dubbing, translation, transcription, and subtitling. 

We are happy to consider all requests!